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How do I Recharge my Air Con?

With the Summer soon approaching us, many of us will be heading on long car journeys to enjoy the glorious sunshine. Even in the UK, it can get hot in the summer. Obviously there is nothing worse than sitting in a sweltering hot car when you’re stuck in traffic!...

Do Windscreen Repair Kits Work?

Does your Vehicle have a chipped windscreen? If so, it is important to get it repaired quickly and effectively, to ensure your vehicle meets MOT standards. A clean, clear windscreen also provides utmost vision and safety when driving. However it can be great...

Getting your car Spring Ready

When the winter starts to change to Spring, everyone can feel their spirits lifting. The sunshine is coming, the nights are getting longer again, and those long summer drives are just around the corner. When Spring comes, it's a sign of new beginnings and a big part...

Can I tint the windows of my house?

When you think about tinted windows, you probably think about those flashy sports cars that hug the roads as they smoothly glide along the path. It's not often you think about how home tinted windows will benefit your home - and it's not many out there who know that...

Your MOT & Your Windscreen

An MOT is required for every vehicle that is over 3 years old. When a garage completes an MOT every year it checks for the vehicle’s roadworthiness, safety and emissions to ensure that they meet road safety and environmental standards. At Advanced Auto Glazing, we...

Insurance Windscreen Replacements — Explained

The way insurance companies treat windscreen repairs can change from brand to brand, and that is why it is always sensible to dig out your insurance paperwork before pushing ahead with the work according to Direct Line. However, there are many instances in which your...

Can a Cracked Windscreen be Against the Law?

We regularly carry out work for franchised main dealers. Windscreen Replacement Can a cracked windscreen be against the law? The problem with having a cracked windscreen is that, unless visibility is reduced considerably, the temptation may be to delay a repair or...

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