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The European Union recently issued a new directive that is sparking a lot of discussion in the auto industry. A big change is the introduction of a new air conditioning refrigerant called 1234YF.  We will explain this change below so you can understand what this means for your car.

The 1234YF vs. R134 Debate


Looking at the Environmental Impact

One major difference between 1234YF and the R134 refrigerant that’s been used for years is how they each affect the environment. R134 has a very high global warming impact – its effect is 1,430 times greater than carbon dioxide! Even small leaks from car A/Cs using R134 could be a real problem.

To address this, the EU set a new rule that refrigerants need to have a global warming potential under 150. The good news is that 1234YF beats that goal. By switching to it, we’re showing our commitment to a greener future.


What This Means For Car Owners

This change isn’t just about the environment. It also impacts how vehicles need to be maintained and serviced, and what that costs. Cars now need to switch from R134 to 1234YF refrigerant to make sure their A/C systems are working properly and aren’t harming the planet.

Safety and Performance of 1234YF


A Safer Choice

Beyond being “greener,” 1234YF is also less flammable than other refrigerants, which enhances safety. It’s been thoroughly tested and meets strict auto industry standards, so people can feel confident using it.

Ensuring Good Performance

When shifting to 1234YF, it’s important to note that it has proven cooling ability on par with or better than past refrigerants. So car owners won’t have to sacrifice having an efficient A/C system.

Cost Considerations with 1234YF

Like with many new technologies, 1234YF costs more initially than R134 did. A lot of research and development went into creating 1234YF. But as it gets used more widely and more suppliers produce it, we expect the cost to gradually decrease.

Where Can You Get 1234YF Re-charging Service?

Shifting to 1234YF requires new gear and techniques. At Advanced Autoglazing, we’re proud to be one of the few shops equipped to provide re-charging with 1234YF. Every tech here goes through specialised training to make sure we give vehicles the best care.

If your car uses the new 1234YF AC system, or you’re not sure, talk to us at Advanced Autoglazing. We’re happy to check and make sure your AC keeps working its best. Working together, we can create a cleaner future!

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