A chipped windscreen should be addressed immediately to maintain visibility and vehicle integrity. Quick fixes stop bigger, pricier problems later on. Here are a few things you’ll need to consider before you get it repaired.

Understanding Windscreen Chips


How Chips Happen:

Windscreen chips typically happen when debris like small stones or pieces of gravel hit the glass while driving. High speeds and busy roads increase the likelihood of such impacts.

What Size to Worry About:

Any chip is worth attention, but those larger than a £1 coin are particularly concerning because they are more likely to evolve into cracks. Chips closer to the edge of the windscreen are also more problematic since they can compromise the structural integrity of the glass more quickly.

Even the smallest chips need to be addressed immediately to ensure your windscreen’s longevity and safety.

Why Quick Repairs Are Essential

  • Chips Can Grow: Small chips can quickly turn into large cracks from small bumps in the road or changes in temperature. If the chip grows, you might have to replace the entire windscreen. 
  • Seeing Clearly: A chip can make it hard to see clearly, which is dangerous when you’re driving. This is especially true if the chip is directly in your line of sight. 
  • Strength of Your Car: The windscreen helps keep your car structurally sound, especially in accidents. A weak windscreen reduces the protection your car can offer in a crash. 
  • Legal and Insurance Issues: Driving with a chipped or cracked windscreen might be illegal in your area, and you could face fines. Also, if there’s an accident, you might have trouble with your insurance if they see you haven’t fixed a known issue.

Fixing a windscreen chip quickly prevents it from getting worse, keeps you seeing clearly while driving, and avoids legal or insurance problems. It’s simpler and cheaper to fix a small chip now than to deal with a big crack later.

When Repair is Essential

Prioritise repair when:

  • The chip is in the driver’s primary line of vision.
  • The chip is larger than 25 mm.
  • There are multiple chips; this can weaken the windscreen more significantly.

Choosing Professional Repair

Professional repair services use advanced resin compounds that are injected into the chip, then cured and polished to restore the glass’s structural integrity and clarity. This process not only extends the life of the windscreen but is also cost-effective compared to replacement. Most insurance policies offer coverage for windscreen repairs, often without affecting your premiums.

Preventative Strategies

  • Distance: Keep a safe following distance from other vehicles, especially heavy trucks that can kick up stones and other debris. 
  • Avoid Extreme Temperatures: Sudden changes in temperature can worsen a chip. Use gradual heating or cooling to defrost or cool down your windscreen. 
  • Regular Inspections: Make checking your windscreen a part of your regular vehicle maintenance schedule. Early detection means simpler and cheaper repairs.

Caring for your windscreen is an integral part of vehicle maintenance. Using high-quality windscreen wipers and regularly cleaning your windscreen can prevent unnecessary wear or scratches, which can predispose your windscreen to more severe damage when struck by debris.

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