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As a van owner, one of the most critical decisions you’ll encounter is determining whether to repair or replace a damaged windscreen. This judgment call impacts not only your safety but also your wallet. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore all the key factors to consider before making this crucial choice.

Why Windscreen Integrity Matters

The windscreen is much more than a sheet of glass protecting you from the elements. It is a structural component that reinforces the roof, assists in airbag deployment in crashes, and ensures the safety of all occupants. Appreciating the pivotal role of your windscreen is vital when deciding between stop-gap repairs or wholesale replacement.

Repair: Suitable Only for Minor Damage

Opting to repair your cracked windscreen makes sense mostly for minor chips and damages. This is a faster and cheaper alternative, but it is only truly viable when:

  • The chip or crack does not exceed the size of a £1 coin
  • The damage does not fall directly in the driver’s line of sight
  • The inner glass layer remains fully intact

Even then, repairs should only ever be carried out by qualified windscreen specialists. DIY attempts often fail safety inspections.

Replacement: When Repair is Not An Option

In several cases, repairing the windscreen is simply not possible. Wholesale replacement becomes mandatory if you spot:

  • Cracks longer than 10cm (3 inches)
  • Damage directly obstructing the driver’s vision
  • Impacts near the edges that can compromise the structural safety
  • Multiple cracks indicate the glass integrity has been severely weakened

Ignoring these red flags and delaying full replacement jeopardises the safety of everyone in the vehicle.

How Much Will It Cost?

In purely monetary terms, repairs are invariably cheaper. However, this may prove to be a false economy if the fix is substandard and needs redoing. A full replacement windscreen is generally advisable to prevent bigger problems down the line. At Advanced Autoglazing, our team can asses the damage and offer a free no obligation quote when you get in touch.

Reviewing Your Car Insurance

Before deciding, check your policy documents carefully. Many insurers cover windscreen repairs without affecting your No Claims Bonus. However, making an insurance claim for a full replacement may impose higher excess payments. Review all terms and chat with your provider to determine the best path forward.

Seek Professional Assessments

Rather than merely inspecting the windscreen yourself, have it checked by industry specialists. They can accurately evaluate the extent of the damage and objectively recommend whether undergoing repairs or replacement is truly the safest way forward for you and your passengers.


Can a small crack in the windscreen spread?

 Yes, temperature changes and vibrations can cause it to spread.

How long does windscreen repair take? 

Usually, it’s completed within an hour.

Is DIY windscreen repair a good idea? 

It’s not recommended as it can compromise safety.

How do I know if my windscreen needs to be replaced? 

Look for signs like multiple cracks or deep damage.

Will a windscreen replacement affect my van’s resale value?

 A well-done replacement should not negatively impact the value.


Determining if you should repair or replace a damaged windscreen depends on a few key factors. These include the location, length and depth of cracks.

At Advanced Autoglazing, our technicians can take a look and advise if repairs are possible or if a full replacement is needed for safety. We use quality tools and parts, and back our work with strong warranties.

Unsure about your windscreen damage? Get in touch today or request a free quote online. We’re happy to guide you on the best way forward – whether it’s quick fix repairs or a replacement. Your safety is our top priority.

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