When it comes to vehicle safety and maintenance, one of the key checks for UK drivers is the MOT (Ministry of Transport) test. This annual test ensures that your vehicle meets the required safety and environmental standards. Among the various components inspected during an MOT, the condition of the windscreen is particularly important. A common question many drivers have is: Can a cracked windscreen pass an MOT?

The Importance of a Clear Windscreen

The windscreen is crucial for driver visibility and overall vehicle safety. It provides structural integrity to the vehicle and protection for the occupants. Even minor damage to the windscreen can compromise its effectiveness and your safety on the road.

MOT Regulations on Windscreens

During an MOT test, the examiner will assess the windscreen for any damage that could obstruct the driver’s view or affect the structural integrity of the vehicle. The MOT regulations classify the windscreen into different zones, with specific rules for each:

  1. Zone A: This is the area directly in front of the driver, typically about 290mm wide (the width of the steering wheel) and centered on the steering wheel. Any damage within this zone must not exceed 10mm in diameter.
  2. Zone B: This includes the rest of the windscreen area swept by the wipers, excluding Zone A. In this zone, damage up to 40mm in diameter is permissible.

What Happens if Your Windscreen is Cracked?

If your windscreen has a crack or any other form of damage, it will be scrutinised according to the zones mentioned above. Here’s how the rules apply:

  • Damage in Zone A: If the crack exceeds 10mm, the vehicle will fail the MOT. This is because even small damage in this area can significantly impair the driver’s vision.
  • Damage in Zone B: Cracks up to 40mm are generally acceptable. However, if the damage exceeds this limit, your vehicle will fail the test.

Other Considerations

In addition to cracks, the MOT test also considers other factors related to the windscreen:

  • Chips and Scratches: Similar rules apply to chips and scratches. If they exceed the permissible size in the respective zones, they can result in a test failure.
  • Windscreen Wipers: The wipers must be in good condition and effectively clear the windscreen. If the wipers are damaged or do not function properly, this can also lead to an MOT failure.

What Should You Do?

If your windscreen is cracked or damaged, it’s advisable to get it repaired or replaced before the MOT test. At Advanced Autoglazing, we offer professional windscreen repair and replacement services to ensure your vehicle is in top condition for its MOT.


A cracked windscreen can indeed result in an MOT failure if the damage is within the critical zones and exceeds the allowed limits. Ensuring your windscreen is free from significant damage not only helps you pass the MOT but also ensures your safety and that of other road users.

For expert windscreen repair and replacement services, contact Advanced Autoglazing. Our team is dedicated to keeping you safe on the road with clear and unobstructed vision.

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