Prestige and Classic Car Windscreen Replacement & Repair

We have many years of experience as leaders in windscreen repair and replacement for classic automobiles. In that time, we have earned the trust of the classic car community seeking high-quality service for their treasured vehicles, including Jaguar E-Types, Porsche 356s, Triumph Spitfires, and more.

Our team at Advanced Autoglazing understands the importance of retaining the original look and feel of classic cars. That is why when your windscreen is damaged, we source appropriate materials to factory specifications and utilise advanced techniques to ensure repairs or replacements meet exceptional quality standards, keeping your vehicle’s classic aesthetics intact.

When you bring in your car, we thoroughly assess any windscreen damage to determine whether a repair or replacement is required. If a repair is suitable, we meticulously clean and fill chips and cracks with a bespoke resin that hardens under UV light, restoring structural integrity without altering appearance.

If a replacement is necessary, we remove the damaged windscreen and install new glass to precise factory specifications, taking great care in fitting and sealing to prevent leaks. Your vehicle will look as if nothing ever happened.

How Long Do Our Services Take?

In the interest of full transparency about our process, kindly note that working on classic car windscreens takes considerably more time and meticulous effort than modern vehicles. For example, replacing the windscreen on a Rover P4 requires nearly a full workday.

What once took an hour, like an MGB windscreen replacement, can grow to 4 hours or longer due to inconsistent reproduction components. But we are happy to take the time needed to properly restore your classic’s irreplaceable aesthetics and structural integrity.

Our passion is preserving these automotive treasures for the next generation of enthusiasts to enjoy. We appreciate both your loyalty and patience as we complete this labour of love.

Please note: we only cover Essex for classic work.

Is it possible to repair a cracked windscreen on a classic car?

In many cases, it is possible to repair a cracked windscreen on a classic car. However, the extent of the damage will determine whether a repair or replacement is required.

Will a windscreen replacement affect the value of my classic car?

If the replacement is done correctly and the new windscreen matches the original specifications of the car, it should not affect the value of your classic car. In fact, replacing a damaged windscreen can improve the overall appearance and safety of the vehicle.

Can I use modern windscreen glass on my classic car?

Using modern windscreen glass on a classic car can compromise its originality and authenticity. It’s important to use glass that matches the original specifications of the car to ensure that it looks and performs as it did when it was first manufactured.

How long does it take to replace or repair a windscreen on a classic car?

The time it takes to replace or repair a windscreen on a classic car depends on the extent of the damage and the availability of the required parts. In general, most repairs or replacements can be completed within a few hours, but more complex jobs may take longer.

Can I drive my classic car immediately after a windscreen repair or replacement?

It’s important to wait until the adhesive used to seal the new windscreen has fully cured before driving your classic car. This can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days, depending on the type of adhesive used. Your windscreen repair specialist will advise you on how long you should wait before driving your car.

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