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Advanced Autoglazing is a leading and trusted supplier and installer of home window films. Our comprehensive range of services caters to residential properties in Essex, providing unparalleled quality and expertise.

We offer privacy window laminate that blocks the view of others but still allows a clear view of the outside. Our privacy window films offer both functionality and beauty, giving you the perfect blend of privacy and natural light.

Why Would I Need Window Tinting At Home and protective filming?


Windows frequently lead to uncomfortable temperatures, particularly in rooms abundant in glazing like conservatories. To combat this issue, our collection of solar control films can effectively mitigate heat build-up, ensuring a more pleasant environment.


Privacy can be a concern for various reasons. Our privacy window films are perfect for keeping your property private and blocking unwanted views from neighbours and passers-by. Discover the ideal finish that provides the privacy you desire.


Using safety film can protect your windows and give you peace of mind if you have kids or pets. It is also beneficial if you are concerned about windows breaking. Glass, being fragile, can benefit from this protective measure.

Anti-vandal film

The anti-vandal film, with its distinctive design and increased thickness, is purposefully engineered to safeguard the integrity of the glass. This film is very strong and can withstand hammer blows and object strikes, protecting against vandalism and damage.


The powerful rays of the sun streaming through your windows can gradually lead to the fading of your furniture and flooring. UV rays can make your furniture and flooring lose their bright colours and look dull. 

It is important to be mindful of this potential damage and take proactive measures to protect your valued investments.

High-Performance Window Film

Window film, made with high-performance polyethene terephthalate, enhances the structural integrity of surfaces. Unlike regular glass, which is prone to break under pressure, the film, when reinforced with a laminate, absorbs and distributes shock evenly. This greatly reduces the likelihood of glass cracking and shattering, ensuring enhanced durability.

Window film blocks up to 99% of UV rays, protecting furniture and flooring from fading. It reduces glare, and heat gain, and offers privacy. Custom-made in various shades, it’s the perfect choice for security and aesthetics in any home.

Whether you’re looking to update your home décor or want extra security, window films provide a great solution. For more information on how home window film can benefit your property, contact us today. We’ll be happy to discuss the various options and help you find the perfect film for your needs.

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