The way insurance companies treat windscreen repairs can change from brand to brand, and that is why it is always sensible to dig out your insurance paperwork before pushing ahead with the work according to Direct Line. However, there are many instances in which your insurance firm will pay for the repairs without increasing your premium during the next year. Motorists are also free to arrange their own repairs in most cases, and it is sensible to do that if your insurance provider counts the job as a claim.

Did you know that a direct glazed windscreen can provide up to 30% of your vehicle’s upper-body strength? Well, it can, and that is why you should never risk driving around in a car that requires a windscreen replacement or chip repair. You will take an unnecessary risk that could end in disaster if you become involved in a smash or hit a speed bump while traveling slightly too fast. A small chip could become a massive crack and leave you unable to drive safely because you struggle to see the road.

Insurance windscreen replacements

As soon as you notice that your vehicle needs windscreen repairs or replacements; you need to grab your paperwork and read the small print. Many insurers allow for those repairs without counting them as a claim these days, and that means you will not lose your no-claims-bonus or have to deal with inflated costs when the time comes to renew your policy. Still, it is vital that you don’t overlook that step because some insurers treat their clients a little better than others.

The dangers you face

If you drive around in a car or truck that has a chipped windscreen in need of repair, there are many different dangers and risks you will face. These include:

  • The risk that your chip will turn into a large crack and disrupt your view.
  • The risk that the windscreen will collapse and injure yourself or passengers.
  • The risk that you will fail your next MOT if the damage is more than 40 mm in size.

As the owner of the vehicle and the insurance policyholder, you must make sure your car is fit for road use. In some extreme cases, there are even reports of motorists being stopped by the police and issued with a warning for not arranging insurance windscreen replacement sooner.

So, if you have a chip, crack, or any other damage to your windscreen; you need to get in touch with Advanced Auto Glazing as soon as possible. There is no time to delay, and the situation will only get worse if you wait until the last minute. Just remember to check your policy first to ensure you understand the consequences of asking your insurance provider to pay for the work. In many situations, they will do that without any adverse repercussions for yourself. Still, it’s imperative that you take a look at your contract, so you don’t face any nasty surprises further down the line.

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