Does your Vehicle have a chipped windscreen? If so, it is important to get it repaired quickly and effectively, to ensure your vehicle meets MOT standards. A clean, clear windscreen also provides optimal visibility and safety when driving. However it can be great inconvenience having to pay the expense of a repair service, especially if a full replacement is needed. The best cost-effective solution is a Windscreen Repair Kit. Although these so-called ‘windscreen repair kits’ could lead to further costs if they produce poor results. When it comes to buying your Windscreen Repair Kit it is useful to know which one works best.

Read on to find out whether Windscreen Repair Kits work as effectively as professional repairs.

Do you want to avoid the hassle of arranging a windscreen chip repair via the insurance companies? If your windscreen isn’t covered with comprehensive insurance, windscreen repair kits can be an ideal solution. They are designed to save both money and time while allowing you to repair a windscreen yourself. Windscreen repair kits are cheap and can be purchased from any car accessories shop. They include all the tools and equipment needed to fill any chips or cracks in the glass, this includes a syringe and resin. So it should only take you an hour to perform the repair. In addition, windscreen repair kits can be a good way to solve what can be a costly problem.

How do Windscreen Repair Kits Work?

Windscreen repair kits are designed to disguise the appearance and prevent the spread of chips and cracks in your windscreen. It removes air from the break and fills it with strong, durable resin. For best results, the repair kit must be applied as soon as possible. One limitation of a windscreen repair kit is that they are only suitable for small damage to windscreens. For example, they only work for round damage no more than 2.5cm in diameter, and cracks no longer than 30cm. However they’re able to repair all types of laminated glass windscreens, and can be used for multiple repairs.

do windscreen repair kits work?

Are Windscreen Repair Kits as effective?

Compared to a professional, windscreen repair kits will only reduce the visibility of the damage and prevent it from spreading further. Whereas a glass specialist will complete a full repair service, delivering the most reliable method. Although Windscreen Repair kits come with everything you need, as well as the convenience of being able to do it in your own time without the hassle of arranging a professional service. The main advantage is that they are cheaper, however when you hire a professional, you’re paying for their experience, knowledge and expertise. They are trained to fix windscreen damage of any description, as well as come fully equipped with the high-quality resins.

Windscreen Repair Kit vs Professionals

Both methods are ideal for windscreen repairs, however there are pros and cons to both methods. A windscreen repair kit is great for saving money as well as time, without the need for professional training or equipment to perform. However a glass expert will offer a full repair, using the best quality tools and products. The obvious advantage is that they are usually covered on your Insurance, so it means all costs will be covered for you.

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