Commercial Window Tinting and Protective Films

Why Would I Need Office Window Tinting?


Windows can often contribute to uncomfortable temperatures. This is especially frequent in modern offices with large amounts of glazing.

Our range of solar control films can help prevent heat build-up and can reduce air conditioning running costs.


Privacy can be an issue for a range of reasons. Whether it be preventing being overlooked by neighbours or stopping passers-by seeing into your building, we offer a number of privacy window films that can provide you with the finish you require.


Glass can be a fragile material, so if you concerned about your windows breaking, an application of safety or security film will protect your glazing and give you peace of mind.

Anti-vandal film

Anti-vandal film is much thicker & designed to keep glass intact from hammer blows & object strikes.

Windscreen Replacement, Chip Repair and Window Tinting Specialists


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