How to recycle windscreen wipers

Windscreen wipers are an essential part of any vehicle, helping to keep the driver’s visibility clear in all weather conditions.

Unfortunately, they don’t last forever and will eventually need to be replaced.

When this time comes, it’s important to recycle your old windscreen wipers rather than simply throwing them away.

Here’s a quick guide on how to do it:

1. Remove the wipers from your windscreen. This is usually a simple process that involves lifting up the wiper arm and removing the blade.

2. Once the wipers are removed, take them to your local recycling center.

Most centers will have a dedicated section for scrap metal, which is where you should deposit your old wipers.

3. That’s it! By recycling your old windscreen wipers, you’ll help to reduce environmental waste and keep them out of landfill sites.

If you’re not sure how to remove your old windscreen wipers, or where your nearest recycling center is, then you can always contact Advanced Auto Glazing.

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