How to demist your windscreen quickly

Before putting the vehicle in motion, de-icing your windscreen is necessary, not doing so may restrict your vision when driving and result in you breaking the law. The increase of moisture it can hold is due to water vapour in the air produced by your body heating the air within the car – as does your breath – which raises the amount of water vapour the air can contain.

When this water vapour meets a cold windscreen, it condenses and fogs up your view.

Advanced Auto Glazing is the solution to your problem. It is a treatment that is applied to your car’s windscreen that creates a invisible barrier. This layer of protection prevents water and other liquids from adhering to the glass, making it easier to clean and keep clear.

The water droplets that escape from your windscreen while driving are known as dew. When these drop to the ground, they produce a ‘mist.’

Here’s how to quickly clean your windscreen (with a handy ‘life hack’ at the end to avoid your windscreen from misting up).

1. Use the heater in the correct way

Start the heater with cold water, rather than flooding the cabin with hot, ‘wet’ air.

Try to locate a temperature and humidity that is pleasant yet does not fog the cab. Make sure your heater’s blast is aimed at the windscreen and windows; the hotter air (even if it’s cold, the air will be warmer than the ice-cold windscreen), as well as evaporation, will dry up a little of the glass

Of course, if you’re not in a hurry and your frozen bones require warmth, use the hot air to warm both you and the windscreen. It may take longer to fully clear, but at least you’ll be more comfortable – don’t move until all of your car’s glass surfaces are clean. If visibility is restricted, it’s dangerous and you may be breaking the law.

2. Use the air-con if your car has it

This works in a similar fashion to the heater, but many people forget about this setting. It’s worth trying both the recirculation button (if you have one) and playing around with the temperature until you find a happy medium. The cooler air will help to clear any mist on the windscreen – again, make sure it’s directed at the glass, not your face.

3. Use the Windows

This is the button that lowers all of the windows at once (handy, right?). The sudden change in air pressure will help to clear the mist on your windscreen. Be warned, though – it can be pretty nippy! It’s worth keeping a jumper or scarf in the car for just such an occasion.

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